Safety, Quality and Environment


The importance of safety at the work place can't be over exemplified. This is felt where the labors are exposed to sustained risk in their daily operations the adoption of safety measures not only ensures  the safety of the life of the workers but also of their family dependents.

We understand that to have all staff and labors abide by all safety measure is through behavioral changes.

This is reflected by the company's commitment in complying with OSHAS 18001: 2007 standards. A dedicated team of individuals are available on site to enforce all forms of safety and to continually improve working environments.

All the safety provisions must be brought to the attention of everyone employed in SEIDCO.

This is done through a combination of site orientation, tool box meetings, awareness training and external training. We believe that investing in such efforts would increase productivity and ensure safe work practices.

SEIDCO has created a zero incident policy through implementing a 9 point action plan:

  1. Establishing a Scaffolding department.
  2. Investing in new technology and adopting new techniques for construction work.
  3. Training to be provided across the organization to raise the level of awareness from top management to individual employees.
  4. Transparency within the company.
  5. Staff appraisals on a more frequent basis.
  6. Employees will be given a job description for their roles and responsibilities.
  7. Stringent inspections to be conducted for formwork/ scaffolding through 3rd party companies approved by the municipality.
  8. Method statements and risk assessment to be reviewed, taking into account the actual process of works.
  9. Where changes to traditional work practices are introduced, these must be properly communicated to the work force.


Having been certified ISO 9001: 2008 since 1999 shows SEIDCO’s management commitment to improvement. Our drive for improvement stems from the fact that we are in a competitive environment and we need to have a competitive advantage.

This essentially ensures our clients that proper methods are employed every time which in essence is reflected in our prices and quality of work.

Quality control programs & procedures that are being implemented through inter departmental activities and inter site work execution are conducted through periodical internal audits and semi annual external audits to assess SEIDCO's performance in meeting ISO 9001:2008 standards.

We believe that the clients' interests are best met when there is a perfect balance in how a contractor executes his work to have the optimum quality for money.

"The race to quality has no finish line"


SEIDCO General Contracting has adopted a green environmental management approach. SEIDCO adheres to ISO 14001:2004 standards; we have set out a framework of essential elements for putting an effective environmental management System (EMS) in place.

The attitude of the management is one that recognizes the importance of the environment and how it impacts our lives. We have implemented environmentally friendly practices throughout the company's structure that include:

  1. Waste limitation & segregation for proper disposal.
  2. New construction materials & practices that would control material used and therefore wasted.
  3. Incorporated softwares that create a paperless environment.
  4. Monitoring consumables such as water and diesel will ensure better cost saving and waste.

Adopting and adapting to an ever changing world through an environment conscious company thinking will ensure a better place for future generations to live in.

Year Avg. No of employees Man hours for the year 1st Aid ≥ 3 days Major Fatality Acc. Rate Acc. Freq.
2009 5882 16,516,656 383 3 1 0 0.68 0.24
2010 5911 16,598,088 340 6 2 0 1.35 0.48
2011 5762 16,179,696 182 1 1 0 0.34 0.12

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